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Santa’s Gone ‘N Done It!

Dear Friends, Associates, Colleagues, Acquaintances, and everyone who can help,
I’ve released this Xmas song ‘Santa’s Gone ‘N Done It’ with the aim of raising some money for Charity. My chosen charity is Prostate Cancer UK.

It’s a fun and catchy, typically Xmas song.

The video is also on YouTube

My target is £5,000 which may not sound much but to put it in context that’s about 10,000 downloads or 4 Million streams! So, if you can please download for less than a pound, and we’ll stand a chance!

YouTube only pay out after 4,000 watched hours or 1,000 subscribers and so if you can help by encouraging people to view as well as download it all helps provided enough people watch.

Also, please can you share to all your social media network and encourage them to share as that’s the way we can reach a target.

Apple Music and Amazon links below, it is also on all the usual outlets

I wish you all a Merry Xmas, and thank you in advance for helping me meet my target for these two charities, which are especially close to my heart.