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Firstly, welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit my website. For those of you “meeting” me for the first time, I’m Jerry G Williams and I’m a singer, songwriter and occasional performer. I play mainly acoustic guitar for writing, with occasional Piano efforts.

Posh Robbers

Some of you may already know me from my “Posh Robbers” days, where previously I issued all my music, this was a name for a collection of various musicians and I who worked together previously, so I kept the name as a collection of collaborators. Now I’m recording in my own name

Whilst I have and love my Prog Rock Influences, my music primarily fits into a pop/rock genre and the songs are essentially straight up, foot tapping, sing along numbers. I do hope you enjoy them!

All melodies are written by myself, with some wonderful musical development assistance from my two studio producers and musicians. My heartfelt thanks to all.


All lyrics are written by me except where stated. Some of the lyrics introduced themselves to me on late night car journeys between the UK and France. Some late at night in those strange minutes between wake and sleep. Lyrically, I find that this is often when I am at my most creative. There is something about these times that flexes the soul and wrings out the words.

My music usually works for both male and female vocals (obviously with some slight lyrical adjustment where necessary). You can find links to the usual download and streaming sites for my music. I have one album on Apple Music already, Posh Robbers ‘All my Contradictions’.

I love working with other musicians, so if you want to try something out, let me know.

All the best… and enjoy.