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Living in my room

I’ve spent the last 12 months in between earning a crust, recording this album which I’m very proud of. It’s a rock/pop genre with lots of catchy tunes, that’ll work well for the car or just to get you moving as you’re cooking! Or maybe reflect on as you walk and exercise.

It’s available on all the usual music sites, though if you can manage to download rather than stream that’s hugely appreciated, but of course if streaming is your thing, then that’s cool too.

Enormous thanks to Steve Loveday who is a truly amazing musician and producer for helping me turn the songs I’d written into this final production. Further thanks to Ellie Loveday best backing vocals ever and Darren Loveday for the piano. The three of you have amazing talent and sensitivity that add the special ingredient to my songs.

No Album is complete without a cover, thanks to Tim Jennings for doing such a great job of the artwork and graphics, it was a very enjoyable process doing that last piece of the project.

Hope you like it.